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Financial Services


Financial Planning

Appointed Financial Group (AFG) works with individuals and businesses to guide them in making budgetary, savings and investment decisions.


Tax Planning and Consulting

AFG does a comprehensive review of a person’s or business’s current financial situation and recommend a plan for the future that minimizes their tax liabilities while maximizing their achievement of their financial goals.



Life Insurance is one of the most important tools in financial planning.  Not only is it a way to cover death expenses and debt of the deceased but it is a way for families to begin to build wealth and leave an inheritance for their children’s children. AFG explores the different types of life insurance for each individual situation and establishes a plan of action that puts them in best financial situation.

Real Estate

AFG helps clients with buying and selling homes as well as investing in real estate to increase their portfolio.


Commercial Lending

AFG provide small businesses, that is unable to obtain funding for their business, a variety of funding opportunities by various lenders.


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