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"Do I even need Life Insurance?"

If anyone is depending on your income or if you have obligations (debt, mortgage, etc.) that would fall to someone else to handle if you were to die, then the answer is, "Yes." 

Life insurance acts as a substitute for income. Have you ever calculated how much you'll earn in your lifetime? Typically, over the course of your working years, the answer is usually "a fortune." The potential risk of losing that earning power – earnings you'll need to fund your family's biggest goals like buying a home, paying for your kids' education, reducing debt, saving for retirement, etc. – especially at the early or mid-point of those years, is what makes life insurance a necessity for most people.

Whole Life Insurance

Affordable stability and peace of mind for end-of-life expenses.

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Term Life Insurance

Coverage for an unexpected loss in a specific period of time.

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Universal Life Insurance

Flexible life insurance protection with cash value that lasts a lifetime.

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